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Neuro Resource Alliances








We are a group of dedicated educators who are concerned about providing home tutorial support for the special needs children, in particular children with Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyscalculia and Spectrum Disorder. It is crucial to provide these children with suitable and sufficient support to see them through their progressive years in school.

We understand the difficulty in finding experienced tutors for these special needs children. This website is set up with the aim of helping parents find a suitable to meet the different learning needs. We hope that through our help, these children will be able to experience success in their learning journeys and at the same time, build up their self-esteem.

Parents who are looking for special needs tutors can send in their request on  PARENT ENQUIRY and we will recommend a suitable tutor among our list of registered tutors.

Likewise, tutors with the relevant training and experiences are welcome to register with us on TUTOR REGISTRATION.



Compassion Strengths





Providing care for others can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever do. Whether you are a professional, volunteer or family caregiver,  helping others who are suffering can give you purpose while also leading to compassion fatigue.

Compassion Strengths is dedicated to helping you understand the reasons for your fatigue while empowering you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to strengthen your purpose and re-ignite your passion for care giving.



Re-discover your purpose and passion by embracing your strengths and nurturing your compassion. Learn specific methods that you can utilize the very next day to transform exhaustion into energy. Read more...  


Empower your organization to perform at it's best by engaging employees to be their best. Create a thriving work culture through a transformative change process that enables excellence.   Read more... 


Ongoing Education

Ongoing education is one of your most valuable resources. Replenish this resource by visiting our reading room where you can download articles of interest for free.  Read more... 


Support and Networking

Working with and caring for others who are suffering can take its toll without ongoing support. Join a community of your peers and network with others who can understand and support you. Read more...


Empowerment Training Coach

  Karl D. LaRowe M.A., LCSW, International Speaker and Author 

About Karl

An Education

For most of my life I have been fascinated by human behaviour, trying to understand why people do what they do. Like many people in mental health I experienced trauma while growing up which probably motivated my interest in martial arts, psychology and social work, earning a black belt, and a bachelors degree in both fields from the University of Oregon. I received a scholarship to the University of Chicago, completed my internship at the University of Illinois Hospital and Clinics and graduated with a Masters Degree in Clinical social work. I later became licensed as a clinical social worker and certified as a mental health investigator and examiner.

Speaker, Author, Consultant

Supported by contract work as a mental health investigator and examiner I get my first break as a trainer in transforming compassion fatigue with a nationally recognized provider of continuing education for mental health care providers. Eight years and nearly 400 workshops later I decide to set out on my own, write a book, develop three instructional DVDs and begin to consult with the United States military and veterans administration. In 2008 my wife lands a contract in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and after much thought we moved to the middle east. After 2 years of providing workshops and consulting with the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, we have again moved to South East Asia where I am now providing workshops, supervision and consulting in Singapore.

Lean LaRowe


Lean-Gaik LaRowe, Science  Education Specialist, Transformative Educator, Empowerment   & Success Coach


Lean LaRowe earned her MA from the University of Iowa, USA, specializing in Curriculum & Supervision in Science. She has vast experience in K-12 science education, with the first ten years of her career as a science and mathematics teacher in Singapore, the following ten years as a science specialist inspector with the Ministry of Education, Singapore and then moving on to work as a science curriculum specialist for eleven years with the Education Service District 112 in Washington State, USA. She has also served as a science consultant with the Abu Dhabi Education Council, UAE, and as an education adviser in a private-public partnership education reform project in Malaysia.  She is also a certified Empowerment Coach.




Complementary Alternative Medicine Asia





Complementary Alternative Medicine Asia Singapore practice evidenced-based complementary medicine to help patients who are seeking   non-drug and natural solutions to reduce motor problems in neuro developmental disorders, Chronic Pain   , Myofascial Pain Syndrome   , Musculoskeletal Pain   , Musculoskeletal Disorder Children Therapy   . We offer complementary therapies services to Indonesia and Malaysia.