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LENS Testimonials

Image result for autism spectrum disorder♥ Prior to being introduced to this therapy, we strongly required a solution to our son's behavioural and academic issues. Through recommendation, we decided to enrol him in LENS therapy in hope to see progress. After a few months, we have seen remarkable improvement in his attitude and daily routine. He also did very well in school. We are very grateful to NSRC Mind Lab for their effort.    - Father of a 14 year old Son (14 March 2015)



Image result for autism spectrum disorder♥ When my son was 3 years old, he was still unable to speak, which prompted me to bring him to a doctor. He was diagnosed with ASD. Through a friend's word of mouth, I got to know NSRC and brought my son there. Just after a few sessions, my son said his first word which made me feel more confident about NSRC's programmes. Over the years, my son has made good progress in terms of social interaction and his verbal skills. I am thankful for NSRC patience and professionalism in helping my son. - Mother of a 12 year old son (March 2015)



♥ My son was diagnosed as an ADHD after we visited the child clinic with a referral letter from his P3 form teacher. During the about 6 - 9 month medication, I found he was worse than before as he always looked stunned and not listening when I talked to him. I decided to stop the medication. My colleague's son was doing LENS at Lea's centre and she reintroduced to me. I see improvement in his short temper and attention span. I received fewer complains from the teacher and he managed to maintain his results to study Express stream in Secondary school, and he is now already in Secondary 4. Lea really understand the behaviours of my children and she knows how to talk to them and encourage them. She always give me good advices and I really appreciate it. - Mother of a 16 year old son (March 2015)



                                                                                                                                     Dyslexia               ♥My son had dyslexia. He was slow in speech and phonologically slow also. However, through the LENS training at Neuroscience Research Centre, the training consists of multiple times of test and assessment to fit my child's profile. Each child is unique on his own, Lea worked out what works for him and what don't and not strictly follow through the training.

He have gained much in his speech and thinking. He is now able to talk clearer and respond to conversation faster and more to the point. His school teacher has also commented that he had improved quite a lot in his Oral mid-year examination.

My son is now very talkative and will tell long stories to his mom while on the road trip in the car.

Recently, we also found that his composition is getting longer and more concise on the story he is telling. He may not be as good as his peers but definitely better than he was before the training.

Lea have also given us much support and counseling on how to deal with the problem, in how to help our son and ways to teach and educate him.

Thank you, Lea, for your support and guidance. My wife and I really appreciate what you have done for our son and us                                - Mr and Mrs Neo (14th Feb 2012) ♥  





Obsessived Compulsive Disorder♥ My sons have been embracing LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) Therapy since it's introduced into Singapore in October 2010. With LENS therapy, my eldest son, who had fit and OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) history, was able to perform well enough to enter into ACS Independent IB programs. My second son was observed with mild dyslexic since young. With LENS therapy, he managed to enter into SOTA to pursue his interest in Theatrical study.  While my youngest son who is with ADHD symptom, benefited from LENS therapy as well and is pursuing his secondary school in Raffles Institution. I deeply believe that they benefit a lot from LENS therapy. - Mr Heng (3rd Jan 015)


Asperger♥    While living in the U.S. we learned how biofeedback can help manage symptoms along the autistic spectrum. Our son was working with a very good biofeedback specialist. However, after working with Lea Chan, we have received our best results. Our son is progressing very nicely with his weekly biofeedback sessions, daily Heartmath therapy, and monthly Ion Detoxification. We are a family that moves often, working with Lea has made me want to stay in Singapore for many years. I have highly recommended Lea and her Staff to my friends and people who work in the profession of children therapy. My family and I are very thankful to her for her expertise and care !


                                                                                     - Linda Powell (March 2009)



Depression♥ My daughter's academic results have been in the low 20s due to the lack of attention span and emotional stress. After participating in the Emotional Wellness Program for over 1 year, my daughter had passed the PSLE.  - Mother of a 13 Year-Old daughter (Dec 2008)