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 Innovative Neurotherapy with Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS)                                                                                                                                                        

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LENS Peak Performance

Enhance Peak Performance For Students and Professionals.

Some of the most common responses to LENS treatments are: increased clarity and focus, decreased anxiety, and improved sleep with increased energy; all of which can enhance optimum performance for primary and secondary students, as well as professionals, etc.

LENS Neurofeedback Optimizes The Brain

Top performing students work at their peak performance when they are in ‘the zone’, that state of mind-body integration in which ”everything — skill, training, and mental discipline – call come together. Its characteristics include deep concentration, highly efficient performance, emotional buoyancy, a heightened sense of mastery, a lack of self-consciousness, and self-disciplies.

LENS Neurofeedback does not give one a new brain, but it helps optimize the one you have. Our Learning Cente trained over hudreds of students. The most common response to LENS training are improved intelligence self-awareness, and calmness.

LENS seemingly helps the brain   reboot, eliminating the static and quieting the brain. As with computers, if the hardware works better the programs run better. It is easy to see how this can enhance peak performance for work, sports, meditation and personal growth.