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 Innovative Neurotherapy with Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS)                                                                                                                                                        

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Are you interest in LENS treatment ? We are here to help. 


1. Which type of symptoms and conditions are appropriate for Neurofeedback?   

LENS treatment can be used in addressing a variety of conditions that appear to be associated with irregular brain wave activity. Some of these conditions are hyperactivity and ADD, learning disabilities, conduct problems, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-concussion syndrome, seizure disorders, autism spectrum disorders, migraines, chronic pain, and addiction among others.    

2. How many treatments does it take?   


As many as it takes for each unique individual to feel substantially better on most symptoms identified on the CNS Questionnaire. Generally after an intake, map and three sessions, a therapist might be willing to make a prognosis (ten sessions might do it, or “this looks like a longer process, twenty minimum and maybe more–are you up for it?”). It is generally better to spread the treatments out more and more and “taper off” rather than stopping abruptly, and our clinical experience has been that the effects last longer.    


3.     Are the effects of LENS treatment  permanent, or do they fade?   


The longer the course of treatment with continual improvements, the more “permanent”. If, however, during an early “honeymoon phase” (a not infrequent experience) the person is so much better that they think they are "fixed" and stop abruptly. In this case, there may be regressions, and the old patterns (brain memory, muscle memory, old habits) may reassert themselves. However, for people who are quite robust underneath, but had a sudden setback, a very few treatments may suffice. Under these circumstances, the nervous system and body prefer the flexible and healthy state, and it can last even with so few treatments.    


4.  Can the LENS harm my brain ?   


We have no recorded instances of the LENS causing harm to anyone. The energies involved are so miniscule that you are exposed to energy fields thousands of times stronger every day from cell phones, remote phones in your home, or Radio, TV and microwave transmission towers. The LENS uses no force, but a more subtle principle called “resonance”. By using energies that are closer to the brain’s own than something like the powerful MRI field, or tMCR stimulus, any reaction is not based on a de-stabilizing “stimulus” but the brain, CNS and body’s own energies, which grateful at not being bulldozed or shoved (rather whispered-to) begin a process of self-rectification and balancing. We have no indication among professional providers (who talk to each other daily on a list-serve) of any long term “messing up” of anything, rather the reverse.   


5.     Do you treat yourself ?   


No, LENS treatment is provided by Certified LENS Practitioners only. Please feel free call at our office to learn more.