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3G (3rd Generation) Abacus





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What is 3G abacus ?

  The 3rd generation abacus is a new invention that allow student to pick up the technique of abacus faster. The 3rd generation abacus is a 2-in-1 abacus that is made of up of columns of 9 beads. (picture). This is a new invention that only requires students to memorize 2 sets of formula which students can better relate to the Mathematics they learn in school. Different from the traditional abacus where students are required to remember 6 sets of complicated formulas, students learning the 3rd generation abacus are able to understand and learn the technique of abacus much faster.

With only 2 sets of formula to memorize, student can better relate to the Mathematics they learn in school. The ability to pick the skill faster, students will be able to do mental sums using the set of formulas acquired during the abacus lessons. At this later stage, learners do not use the abacus and rely solely on their mental memory. Using this method, learners have proven that they are able to calculate large sums at lightning speed, even surpassing those using calculators.

For Regular Students  3G Abacus Class, the class size will be minimum 3 students. 

Benefits of 3G Abacus :

  1. New Teaching Technique 
  2. Lesser   formulas (learn 2 sets of formulas instead of 6)
  3. Easy   to learn
  4. Interesting  , Fun and enjoyable for children
  5. Shorter   learning period to   mental   calculation
  6. Achieve   grading examination   standard faster
  7. Improve   Mathematics and Mental Calculations
  8. Strengthen   memory ability and thinking skills
  9. Enhance response capabilities and  concentration power  .

What are the advantages of learning 3G abacus

Like the traditional abacus, this can improve one’s memory and thinking skills and it also inculcate an interest in mathematics in the student. One can also learn how to add and subtract both using abacus and using mental calculation very quickly through the course.

Why learn abacus 

This skill has proven to be beneficial in improving one's mental capability, increasing one's speed of response, memory power and concentration power. This course has become a compulsory curriculum in many countries such as Taiwan, China and Japan, and countries such as India, Malaysia and Singapore have introduced the curriculum to schools. For adults who have missed out the opportunities to learn this skill when young, it is still not too late to acquire these skills so as to improve one's memory and concentration powers. Learning this skill will help to strengthen one's mental power, an important asset in this knowledge economy.

How do I know the benefit or progress of student’s learning?

At the end of each module, students will sit for a test. Students are required to take part in the International Abacus-Mental Arithmetic grading examination for both abacus and mental calculations according to their abilities.



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